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Texas Antique Stores

Harlingen, Texas Antique Stores

Antiques & Collectibles
108 E Jackson St, Harlingen, Texas 78550
(956) 412-5133
Antiques & Collectibles
Antique store with a big selection and eclectic collection of antiques and collectibles old, rare, new and handcrafted items.

Mel's Antiques & Collectibles
7501 N Expressway, Olmito, TX 78575
(956) 350-3131
Mel's Antiques & Collectibles
Buys and sells vintage and collectable products, such as coins and antique military artifacts. Specializing in unusual and exceptional antiques and historic objects and gifts for anyone.

Shabby Fufu Antiques
111 E Jackson Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550
(956) 425-0043

Unique Finds Antiques
112 E Jackson Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550