Jacksonville, North Carolina

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Antique shops and malls in Jacksonville, North Carolina, listed by name and address with a description, plus a map feature showing all antique stores in the vicinity of Jacksonville.

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Abby's Antiques Accessories
2431 Lejeune Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28546
(910) 355-6600

Antique 2 Chic Vendor Market
2501 Onslow Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540
Antique 2 Chic Vendor Market
We are an experienced group of over 150 vendors showcasing antiques, furniture, shabby chic, boutique items, collectibles, Uniques & so much more! Come explore over 49,000 square ft of shopping space, the Fun is in the Find!

Jacksonville Antique Mall
336 Henderson Dr, Jacksonville, NC 28540
(910) 938-8811
Antiques chair, tables, beds, dining room furniture and more.

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