Woodland, California

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Antique shops and malls in Woodland, California, listed by name and address with a description, plus a map feature showing all antique stores in the vicinity of Woodland.

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A Kings Ransom
1264 East Gibson Road, Woodland, CA 95776
(530) 666-4017

Main Street Antiques
531 Main St, Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 668-8450
Main Street Antiques
Antique store co-op with 15 dealers.

Oak Tree Antiques
535 Main Street, Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 681-1983

Woodland Antique Mall
531 Main St, Woodland, California
(530) 668-8450
Woodland Antique Mall
Great little store, What a selection. An Antique Store Co-op with fifteen dealers, all with varying specializations.

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